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WW2 U.S. Metal Insignia, Qualification Badge, Army Rank, Sterling Silver Combat Infantry Badge, Discharge Pins, Marine shooting Badge, Marine Corps Collar Insignia, Marine Corps Hat Insignia, Navy Insignia, Sterling Silver Pins & Badges, etc., as available.

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Marine Corps Sharpshooter Qualification Badge, With Variation Eagle, Globe & Anchor Device Separately Applied To The Front Of The Badge, Unique - Sterling Silver
McSharpSterWithEGA.JPG (61217 bytes) 1UMI-1. Silver Maltese type cross with a bull’s-eye center suspended from a horizontal bar marked, “Sharpshooter;” This specimen has a, separately applied, eagle, globe & anchor on the front of the cross. The badge exhibits light signs of age, insignificant wear and some very minor and insignificant soil, (a proper, light, cleaning would enhance the badge).  The flat backside exhibits a horizontal attaching with a roller lock pin catch, (the lock part is missing from the pin catch). The back of the cross is stamped, “sterling.” A unique variation. Vg. $29.00 SOLD
301st Army Engineer Regiment, Officer, Branch Of Service Collar Insignia, Lightweight, Open Windows, (Summer Castle), Screw Back

Eng301OffSummer.JPG (36577 bytes)

1UMI-2. High quality, 301st Army Engineer Officer collar insignia 1-1/4-inch wide x ¾-inch high, gilt, Engineer castle with pierced, (Open), windows; the number “301” is separately applied between the two battlements. The front of the insignia exhibits light signs of age, light wear to some of the highlights, minor tarnish, (looks much less tarnished in person than in the image) and very light and insignificant bubbling to the gilt finish, (not a serious problem). 95%, or more, of the gilt finish remains. The backside has a screw post with a thin, slightly tapered, rounded edge, hollow back nut. The nut is stamped, “A. H. Dondero, Inc., Washington, D.C.;” A. H. Dondero, Inc manufactured high quality officer insignia and officer uniform accessories during from 1922, through WW2. The backside retains most of its original gold finish except in the area where the numbers and the stabilizing pins are soldered. Vintage summer castles are always in demand and very difficult to find in matching sets; this set has been lightly used and are good lookers. Near Excellent. $30.00 Pair SOLD
Large WW2 U.S. Army Officer Visor Hat Insignia , Unique Size
OffCapEagleLarge1var.JPG (66614 bytes) 1UMI-3. 2-1/2-inch wide x 2-3/4-inch high, oversize, very nicely detailed, gilt brass, WW2 Army officer visor hat insignia. Light signs of age; some of the gilt still remains; however, most of the gilt is worn or missing from age, leaving a bright, but very slightly tarnished brass base metal. The backside has a screw post with a brass, knurled edge, nut and a stabilizing pin behind each wing and is marked, “Acid Test, Gemsco.” Because U.S. officers were required to purchase their own clothing and insignia and because of the many different insignia manufacturers, there were numerous distinct variations of this particular insignia. A perfect piece to compliment a WW2 Army or Army Air Force officer visor hat. The eagle looks dramatically better in person than in the image. UNIQUE SIZE. Vg+. $30.00
Small USMC Enlisted, Gilt Eagle Globe & Anchor Collar Ornament Worn From 1920 Through 1930 - “Made in England” Stamped on Backside - Left Side Single – Screw Back
EgaEmEngland.JPG (55747 bytes) 1UMI-4. About 1-inch high, left side, gilt brass USMC eagle, globe & anchor collar insignia depicting the North and South American continents, showing lines of latitude only. A somewhat "bulbous globe" with a long neck, pointed wing eagle. The reverse exhibits a screw post with a, double thick, knurled edge nut. Almost all of the original gilt finish is gone; the insignia exhibits moderate age and wear with a, dark tarnished, dull brass finish. The thin stabilizing pin behind the eagle’s chest has broken off. The backside of the anchor is impressed, “Made in England.” Nice "salty" appearance. SCARCE. About Vg+. $24.00 SOLD
Early U.S. Marine Corps Honorable Discharge Button – Bronze & White Enamel  With Buttonhole Device
McHonDischarge.JPG (54923 bytes)

1UMI-5. About 1/2-inch diameter, bronze, buttonhole device depicting a, deeply impressed, eagle, globe & anchor design in the center; the outside edge has a 1/8-inch white enameled border which is inscribed “U.S. Marine Corps, Honorable Discharge.” The backside has an integral bronze disk that is designed to fit into a lapel buttonhole. The style of the central eagle, globe & anchor is that of the devices used in the, very distinctive, 1930 to 1937 period, which had turned down “drooped” wing tips and the anchor crossbar touches the underside of the wing; the globe has lines of longitude and latitude. Moderate age, light surface wear from handling and an overall dark bronze finish. Nice. Vg. $10.00 SOLD

Army Expert Shooting Qualification Badge With “Coast Arty” Q-Bar – Non-Sterling - Pin Back
ExpertCoastArty.JPG (53045 bytes)

1UMI-6. Approximately 1-3/16-inch wide x 1-1/4-inch high Army Expert Shooting badge with, “Coast Arty,” qualification suspension bar, (Q-Bar). The front of the badge has a bright finish, (original owner possibly removed the silver-oxide finish), which is very lightly worn on some of the highlights; no tarnish. The front of the Q-Bar is somewhat bright, showing moderate tarnish spots on the background, (nothing serious). The backside of the expert badge has a horizontal attaching pin with a, flat open metal, pin catch. The backside is stamped with the distinctive starburst/chrysanthemum design, which is characteristic of some badges manufactured during WW2. The back o t he Q-Bar is flat and blank. We don’t see too many Coast Artillery Q-Bars. Unmarked, (not sterling). Vg. $8.00 SOLD

Army Enlisted Man Service Cap Insignia – Gold Plated Plastic Variation – On Original Card
armyhatinsigoncard.JPG (61338 bytes)

1UMI-7. 1-1/2-inch diameter gold plated, sturdy plastic insignia depicting embossed design of the U.S. Army Eagle logo. Reverse exhibits screw post with six-sided nut fastener. The insignia is on its original, 2-3/4-inch x 2-3/4-inch card, which is printed, “Plastic Ornament, 24 Karat gold Plated, Do Not Use Polish Wipe With Dry Cloth.”  The card has a blue border on each edge. Card is a little bent, creased, tattered and dog-eared from handling and storage. Insignia has a bright gold finish. A scarce variation. Unissued. Vg++.  $9.00

Unassigned Officer Collar Insignia, Cut Out Design, Matching Pair 
UnassignedOfficerPr.JPG (34342 bytes) 1UMI-8. 7/8-inch diameter, stamped gilt brass, unassigned officer collar insignia depicting a standard type U.S. Army eagle holding arrows and olive branches in its talons; there is a shield on the eagles chest, a feruled banner with the words, “E Plurbus Unum,” and a circle with stars and clouds above the eagle’s head. The area between the eagle and the outer edge are “factory” cut out, creating a delicate detailed appearance. The flat backside has double clutch back attaching pins with WW2, flat face brass clutch fasteners and is marked with a raised, “N.S. Meyer Inc, New York,” logo shield; this particular, raised, Meyer mark was used on Meyer insignia during WW2. The front of each insignia is lightly worn and moderately aged; the gilt finish has worn or flaked off leaving a dark brass patina, only insignificant remnants of the original gilt finish can be seen in the crevices of the design. Unique. Vg. $19.00 SOLD
Navy Reserve Officer Breast Wing & Miniature Wing
usnrwing.JPG (58177 bytes)

1UMI-9. 3-7/8-inch wide x 1-1/8-inch high gold colored, sterling silver, U.S. Naval Reserve Officer breast wing. Stretched wing eagle with shield and crossed anchors on its chest. Furled banner below eagle is embossed “US NR.” Nicely detailed eagle, stippled background on banner. Backside is sculptured for lightweight; suitable for wearing on shirt. Long horizontal attaching pin with roll lock pin catch. Embossed “Vanguard, N.Y.,” stamped, “Sterling.”  Miniature wing is a mirror image of the large one, backside stamped “Vanguard, N.Y. Sterling.” Both insignia exhibit very light signs of tarnish and extremely light signs of wear to highlights from handling. A very nice looking set. Excellent. $35.00

Large USMC Enlisted, Gilt Eagle Globe & Anchor Insignia, Worn On The Dress White Cap From 1937 – 1949, Screw Back
Ega37_49EmCapGilt96.JPG (56178 bytes)

1UMI-10. About 1-5/8-inch high depicting a gilt brass USMC eagle, standing on a globe, which exhibits the North and South American continents, in relief, and only shows lines of latitude; the anchor has a fouled rope and the anchor stock on this variation does not touch the eagles wing. The reverse exhibits a screw post with a large washer and a fluted edge nut. The gilt finish exhibits very light signs of age and it is about 95% intact with minor wear to the gilt finish on some of the highlights, as well as small areas of the continents; very minor and insignificant surface scratches from handling and storage, (extremely light and not a significant problem). A sharp looking example. Excellent. $32.00 SOLD

Marine Corps Pistol Expert Qualification Badge – With, “Crossed,” M1911 Style Colt 45 Automatic Pistols – Circa Unknown
McPistolExpert1var.JPG (51927 bytes)

1UMI-11. USMC Pistol Expert badge, depicting M1911 Style Colt 45 Automatic Pistols superimposed on a laurel wreath. The badge is suspended from a horizontal bar marked, “Pistol Expert.” The backside of the suspension bar exhibits a long horizontal attaching pin and an open, flat metal, pin catch. The badge is lightly worn, moderately aged and moderate to heavily tarnished on the front; the pistols are not the style that are normally seen on known Post WW2 versions of this badge. The backside is heavily aged and tarnished. An interesting variation. Vg. $25.00 SOLD

Small USMC Enlisted, Blackened Brass, Eagle Globe & Anchor For The Left Side Collar or The Overseas Hat, Worn From 1937 – 1949, Single – Screw Back
Ega37_49EmColBlkSgl100.JPG (49412 bytes)

1UMI-12. About 1-inch high, left side collar insignia, (also used on the Marine overseas hat), constructed of blackened brass. This variation has no rope; the eagle’s wing does not touch the anchor stock and it has a short shank on the fluke end. The globe exhibits the North and South American continents, in relief, and only shows lines of latitude. The reverse exhibits a screw post with a flat, knurled edge nut. The blackened finish is about 90% intact, showing moderate wear to the finish on the continents, as well as very light wear to the highlights of the eagle and anchor. This is the standard type EGA issued during WW2. Near excellent. $8.00 
Sorry, no matching pairs. SOLD

Small USMC Enlisted, Blackened Brass, Eagle Globe & Anchor For The Right Side Collar, Worn From 1937 – 1949, Single, Screw Back
Ega37_49EmColBlkSglRight100.JPG (51579 bytes)

1UMI-12a. About 1-inch high, enlisted, blackened brass EGA’s for the right side collar, in the same or better condition as described above, (Item#1UMI-12). For some reason, the right side EGA is more easily obtained than the left side and we have accumulated many over the years; we offer, one, standard type, blackened, right side, single EGA issued during WW2, with proper attaching nut for $6.00
Sorry, no matching pairs.

Merchant Marine Pin - Sterling Silver
MerchantMarinePin.JPG (61208 bytes)

1UMI-13. Nice heavy pin, approximately 1-inch diameter, depicting a, separately applied, gold colored fouled anchor, attached to a, separately applied, silver colored shield which, is applied to a gold colored disk that shows the four points of the compass and is embossed, “ United States Merchant Marines.” The anchor and shield are attached to the disk by means of a rivet, peened over, on the backside. The front of the badge is light to moderately aged, and tarnished with insignificant wear on the highlights; there is a very small nick on the rim edge, just above the east compass point, (almost unnoticeable with the naked eye). The slightly scooped out backside is moderately tarnished, it’s embossed, “sterling, A.E. Co., Utica, N.Y.,” and has a vertical attaching pin with a roller lock clasp. Overall Vg. $35.00 

Marine Corps Pistol Sharpshooter Qualification Badge

McPistolSharp.JPG (54434 bytes) 1UMI-14. USMC, silver colored metal, Maltese type cross with a bull’s-eye center suspended from a horizontal bar marked, “Pistol Sharpshooter.” The backside of the suspension bar exhibits a long horizontal attaching pin and an open, flat metal, pin catch. The badge is lightly worn, and heavily tarnished on the front and backside. Vg. $22.00
Small USMC Enlisted, Gilt Eagle Globe & Anchor Collar Ornaments Worn From 1937 – 1955.  Matching Pair – Screw Back
EgaEmCollarGiltPr1var.JPG (41329 bytes) 1UMI-15. About 1-inch high, left and right, gilt brass USMC eagle, globe & anchor collar insignia depicting the North and South American contents showing lines of latitude only. The reverse exhibits a screw post with a fluted edge nut. Some of the original gilt finish remains, the highlights are worn to a tarnished dull brass finish. Nice. Vg+.  $30.00 for the pair SOLD
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